Officer Resilience and Peer Support Survey Questions

Officer Resilience and Peer Support Survey Questions

1. Are you aware of any mental health or peer support programs available through your department?

2. Have you ever used mental health counseling services offered through the department?

3. If yes, how useful were the services in helping you cope with stress and challenges on the job?

4. How comfortable do you feel speaking with a counselor or peer support mentor about personal struggles?

5. How concerned are you about confidentiality if you use department mental health services?

6. How much stigma, if any, do you believe exists around seeking mental health support in your department?

7. How likely would you be to recommend department counseling services to a colleague who is struggling?

8. How valuable do you think having a peer support program is for officer wellness?

9. Would you feel comfortable being paired with a peer mentor or sponsor in the department?

10. How interested would you be in confidential peer support groups with officers facing similar challenges?

11. What factors might discourage you from seeking counseling or peer support?

12. What could the department do to increase trust and reduce stigma around using mental health services?

13. What additional mental health or peer support services would you like the department to offer?

14. How can the department better convey that it is safe and encouraged to seek support when struggling with stress or mental health?

15. What else could the department do to promote officer resilience and well-being?

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