Property Crime Prevention Survey Questions

1. How satisfied are you with police efforts to prevent property crime in your neighborhood?

2. Do officers visibly patrol and respond promptly to calls about property crimes in your area?

3. Does the department offer crime prevention education to local residents and businesses?

4. Are police successful at identifying and arresting repeat property crime offenders?

5. Do detectives thoroughly follow-up to process evidence and identify suspects after a property crime?

6. Does the police department alert the community about crime patterns and prevention tips?

7. Do officers take steps to deter crimes of opportunity like vehicle break-ins and shoplifting?

8. Does the department use technology like surveillance cameras or bait property effectively?

9. Are community members kept informed about the status of their property crime cases?

10. Does the clearance rate for property crimes suggest adequate investigation efforts?

11. Are property crime cases prosecuted consistently by the local criminal justice system?

12. Do police collaborate well with community groups like neighborhood watches?

13. Would you say property crime is a significant concern in your community?

14. What approaches do you think would be most effective at reducing property crime locally?

15. Overall, how satisfied are you with the department’s property crime prevention efforts?

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