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Ease of use, Data, and flexibility. The system allows me to create questions unique to my City and Department.

The opportunity to go right to the source to get information rather than relying on an account I cannot verify, validate, or dispute. It also can help guard against those who may have different agendas and platforms, in it can separate chronic and often uncredible complainants.

No one should be afraid to solicit feedback, no matter the profession. For me, trust begins with showing a community I am open to their feedback and that I have nothing to hide.

Officer Survey is a tool and when combined with other tools such as body-worn cameras, online reporting and complaints systems, and feedback platforms, helps to provide a clearer picture of a Department’s challenges (internal or external).

There were concerns from our community as whether our officers were impartial to the public they served. Trust in our officers deteriorated and skepticism and doubt dominated our conversations. I was looking for a way to regain lost trust and legitimacy in our department through transparency. Officer Survey provided a way to put ourselves out there: that we had nothing to hide and sought feedback from our community as to whether our policing style reflected our City’s values.