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Every Officer. Every Contact. Every Effort. One Score.

Officer Experience (OX) is the world’s first and only platform that allows police officers to measure their community interactions. A revolutionary platform that captures your day-to-day community interactions.

Why Officer Experience?

As a police officer, you make hundreds of positive contacts with your community members each year. Most of them go unnoticed and are not recorded. Most of your day-to-day interactions are positive, but no one knows because they are not being measured, captured, or recorded. Not every interaction ends up in an arrest or a citation.

Your agency only evaluates you based on your bi-annual and annual statistics. Turn your positive day-to-day interactions into measurable metrics and leverage your OX Engagement score to get promoted, stay in the same unit, boost your resume, and stand out from your peers. With OX, you’re in control.

"The biggest risk is doing nothing. Do something".

Try our proven step-by-step system and stand out from your peers. Using OX will give you a competitive edge over others! Aren’t you tired of being held back?

Find out what citizens really think

Technology in Law Enforcement Officer Engagement
Your OX engagement score is anonymous and only visible to you. Your information is never shared or disclosed to anyone. OX is designed for cops by cops who have been in your shoes for over twenty years. We are changing the world of law enforcement by helping police officers get what they deserve. Most police officers we spoke with said they don’t trust the leadership, their hard work goes unnoticed, and leadership lacks constructive performance feedback.
Technology in Law Enforcement Officer Engagement

How OX Works

You assist a community member

You provide the citizen with a one-time OX code

Citizen rates your service in real-time

Metrics — Often speak louder.

Your citizen encounters are a powerful metric. They help make a clear link between performance and results. Quantifiable data also put things into perspective so that you can include your accomplishments in metrics. As a police officer, you have responsibilities and goals to meet every day at your job.

Those responsibilities add up over time by measuring your day-to-day interactions you can see the impact you’re making within your organization. Keeping track of these metrics can help you succeed and give you a competitive edge over others. Metrics help provide evidence to support claims and highlight your successes.

They can also be used as leverage. For example, they allow you to negotiate for better assignments, a more flexible work schedule, or even a promotion. OX can be a beneficial tool to every police officer’s career during and after their law enforcement career.

Your OX metrics can help you outshine the competition. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. The difference between the most successful police officers and everyone else often comes down to how they use their time.

"Stop doing what everyone says you’re “supposed” to do. Do something that actually matters - to YOU and take control of your career. "

What's included

What Police Officers are saying

OX will be able to give any officer, no matter the years of service, the ability to stand out in a way that has never been out there. A way to boost your resume in a way other officers might never think is out there.

Society often sees such a skewed view of our profession which is painted by biased media, which translates into what often leads to mistrust and false narratives about our profession. In the ten years that I’ve been doing this job I’ve never received a complaint about my service that alone speaks volumes. However, the public knows nothing about our day-to-day. OX can paint a better picture of who we are and our profession.

I love this. I think this will help officers during the promotion process. I see value in this since police departments only submit “use of force” data and the media is always scrutinizing law enforcement. I can see how this can help me leverage over others.

Wow, I really never thought of it. I like the idea of measuring my interactions with the community. My PD like many others rates us based on tickets and arrests! No matter how hard I try I get passed up for lesser-qualified officers.

OX will help police officers build trust with their community members and help them succeed in this careers. We only hear from our leaders when were are doing something negative. OX allows me to show to my leaders and the community that we do care.

OX is a game-changer I’ve been doing an amazing job for my police department for the last 10+ years and I keep getting passed up for promotions and special assignments. I’ve had ZERO complaints and I get along extremely well with my peers and community members. My direct leadership is great and I get outstanding remarks on my quarterly reviews but I keep on getting passed up. OX will help me show my leadership what they don’t see I do day-to-day. I work in a very busy precinct and 95% of my public interactions are very positive. OX now enables to measure those interactions that can definitely help me in my law enforcement career.

I think it’s a neat and effective tool to have. I can see how this can help me in my career now. I am assigned to our Community Policing Unit I already meet and greet with our community members, and now I can actually measure my impact on the community.

I generally have a good positive interaction with my community now I can measure it using OX.

"It’s never too late to take control of your career. No one is going to help you. Only you can take control of your future. This is your opportunity to excel and take control. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family!"

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get an email with your temporary login credentials within 24-48 hours.
The survey will take less than 30 seconds to complete. Data shows the shorter the survey the higher the response rate.
The survey asks citizens only 4 questions based on Procedural Justice.
Yes, all data is displayed in your dashboard with advanced analytics in real-time.
OX allows you to conduct an unlimited number of surveys each year.
No, your results are only visible to you but we encourage you to share your results with your leadership.

Based on our existing members who have already joined and started using it absolutely love it. The results are driven based on the number to interactions you have with the public. On average officers are getting 30-40 surveys each month. Some are getting 70 +. You control the tempo.

Simply put, we believe in what we created will give you a competitive edge over others. Based on our research and speaking with police officers across the country OX was designed to help you get what you deserve. In order for OX to work you need to believe in yourself and measure your positive community interactions.

Officer Experience was developed by a veteran police officer with over twenty years in law enforcement. And because no one does anything alone, the survey questions and other parts of OX were developed with the help of over a dozen industry experts to make sure we fully cover the fundamentals.