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Agencies using Officer Survey have seen an overall 97% community satisfaction rate and a tremendous drop in officer complaints.

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Community Policing Grants

Community Policing Grants

We invite you to apply for our funding opportunities to support your community policing and public safety efforts. If approved, you will have 30 days to use the funds.

What Police Chiefs are Saying

We held events such as coffee with a cop, but typically see people who were more supportive to law enforcement making it difficult to understand the challenges we faced in other communities. There is a need to get feedback from those we directly interact with during our calls for service: this provides the best way to understand the public’s perception as to how they judged the legitimacy, competency and professionalism of our department.

Montpelier City Police Department

So far, I believe we are on track to rebuilding our community’s trust and I believe adding Officer Survey to our toolbox has been a strong contributor toward accomplishing this goal.

Grafton WI Police Department

Gives us a good understanding of where we can improve, and provides us with a better understanding of how our residents and visitors view our levels of service.

I liked is the ability to set “performance triggers” to help us identify potential struggles our officers may be going through. This aspect is huge in getting our officer’s help.

Ease of use and ability to see the reviews as they come in. This is the only platform we looked at.

I would highly recommend other agencies use Officer Survey.

Very easy to use and easy to set up

What Community Members are Saying

Officer Smith was great and provided a lot of help during the situation.

Very kind, caring, informative and professional.

Very professional and polite.

He was fantastic. No complaints.

Officer Mark is always caring and compassionate. He is a true professional.