Relations with Youth Survey Questions

1. How would you rate the relationship between police and youth in your community?

2. Do officers engage positively with young people when patrolling neighborhoods and schools?

3. Does the police department have outreach programs specifically aimed at local youth?

4. Do police work cooperatively with schools and youth organizations?

5. Do officers seem approachable to young people when interacting informally?

6. Does the police department offer education programs on laws, rights, and police procedures to youth?

7. Do police play a role in mentoring or recreational programs for at-risk youth?

8. Should all officers receive training in positive youth development practices?

9. Do police use an appropriate balance of enforcement and guidance in interactions with youth?

10. Does the police department invite student and youth input when developing policies and programs?

11. Do officers avoid using excessive force or aggression when dealing with young people?

12. Does the community offer restorative justice or diversion programs as an alternative to arrests for youth?

13. Are there enough positive community events and activities involving police and young people?

14. What could improve relationships, trust, and communication between police and local youth?

15. Overall, do you think youth in your community see the police as allies or adversaries?

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