Partnerships with Faith Groups Survey Questions

1. How would you characterize the relationship between law enforcement and faith communities in your area?

2. Does the police department engage actively with local religious leaders and groups?

3. Do officers participate in community activities or events at houses of worship?

4. Does the department solicit input and feedback from faith communities?

5. Do religious leaders collaborate with police on community issues and crisis response?

6. Does law enforcement provide cultural competency training on various faiths?

7. Are faith communities seen as valuable partners in building trust and reducing crime?

8. Does the department accommodate the needs of religious minorities appropriately?

9. Do officers show respect when responding to incidents at or near houses of worship?

10. Could partnerships between police and faith groups be improved in your community? If so, how?

11. Should clergy or faith leaders have a formal role assisting police in certain situations?

12. Would engagement with faith communities help enhance law enforcement legitimacy?

13. Are there concerns about over-entanglement of police with religious institutions?

14. Do officers reflect the religious diversity of the community they serve?

15. Overall, how would you characterize the partnership between law enforcement and faith communities locally?

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