Handling of Substance Abuse Survey Questions

1. How would you rate police response to drug issues and substance abuse in your community?

2. Do officers seem appropriately trained to handle situations involving drugs or intoxication?

3. Does law enforcement strike the right balance between enforcement and a public health approach to addiction?

4. Should police have a role in connecting those struggling with addiction to treatment resources?

5. Do you believe substance abuse should be treated more as a health issue and less as a criminal matter?

6. Does enforcement appear to target drug trafficking and suppliers more than low-level possession?

7. Do officers avoid unnecessary arrests or force when engaging intoxicated individuals?

8. Does the police department support innovative programs like addiction intervention teams?

9. Should all officers have access to overdose reversal medications and training?

10. Are people experiencing homelessness or addiction issues treated with empathy and compassion by police?

11. Does enforcement seem equitable across neighborhoods and demographics?

12. Should public intoxication be decriminalized and handled outside the justice system?

13. Do police collaborate well with mental health and social work partners on substance abuse issues?

14. What role should law enforcement have in combatting the opioid overdose epidemic?

15. Overall, do police practices help or hinder addressing substance abuse problems in your community?

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