Racial Profiling Initiatives Survey Questions

1. How familiar are you with your police department’s policies prohibiting racial profiling?

2. Do you believe racial profiling is strictly prohibited during traffic stops and field contacts?

3. Does the community have input into developing policies banning profiling?

4. Are officers required to undergo regular training on avoiding biased policing?

5. Do police make efforts to collect and publicize data on stops/searches by race to identify disparities?

6. Does the department thoroughly investigate complaints alleging profiling from the public?

7. Do leadership and command staff make it clear that biased policing will not be tolerated?

8. Do officers face disciplinary action or retraining if found profiling improperly?

9. Does the police department work with community groups to address perceptions of biased policing?

10. Are individuals treated equally and with respect, regardless of their race, when interacting with police?

11. Do officers avoid making pre-textual stops of motorists without just cause?

12. Overall, do you feel racial profiling is not tolerated or are improvements needed?

13. What steps could the police department take to prevent profiling and build trust?

14. Do you believe your race would impact how police interact with you during a stop?

15. Should eliminating racial disparities in policing be a top priority for your community?

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