Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Survey Questions

1. How would you rate traffic enforcement by police in your neighborhood?

2. Do you believe officers enforce traffic laws fairly and equitably?

3. Does the police department use both manned and automated enforcement methods?

4. Do you think traffic enforcement should focus more on dangerous violations rather than minor infractions?

5. Are officers visible and proactive patrolling for impaired or distracted drivers in your community?

6. Does police enforcement seem to align with areas that have high crash rates?

7. Do officers stop and ticket pedestrians violating traffic laws in your neighborhood?

8. Does the police department educate the public and engage with schools on pedestrian and bicycle safety?

9. Do police collaborate with traffic engineers and advocates to improve dangerous intersections and corridors?

10. Does enforcement seem to target pedestrian safety equitably across neighborhoods and demographics?

11. Do officers issue warnings or citations when pulling over pedestrians or cyclists?

12. Should police rely more on education than enforcement to promote pedestrian safety?

13. What could police do differently to improve traffic and pedestrian safety outcomes in your community?

14. Do officers enforce laws protecting pedestrians and cyclists from drivers equally?

15. Overall, how would you rate the job police do promoting traffic and pedestrian safety?

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