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Post contact interaction officer surveys.

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Build trust with community members

Build trust with community members

Build trust with community members

Our solution enables police agencies to collect feedback from citizens after each interaction with responding officers, providing them with the ability to strengthen civic engagement and build trust with their communities, all while enhancing public perception.

Find out what citizens really think

Find out what citizens really think

It is crucial to gather feedback from your community in order to evaluate your performance and make well-informed decisions. By leveraging data and turning questions into insightful conversations, you can gain valuable insights that will help you improve and excel. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to better understand the needs and concerns of your community and make informed decisions that will benefit everyone involved. Take the time to engage with your community and gather valuable feedback that will help guide your efforts and drive your success.

Find out what citizens really think
Technology in Law Enforcement Officer Engagement

Listen to citizens & officers to build better relationships

Technology in Law Enforcement Officer Engagement

Get in-depth Analysis in Real-Time

Post-Contact Officer Survey

Post-Interaction Officer Survey Advantages


Post-contact officer surveys are conducted after individuals have interacted with police officers. These surveys allow individuals to give feedback on their experiences and can help improve accountability. Some benefits of conducting post-contact surveys include:

  1. Enhanced transparency: By collecting feedback from individuals who have had interactions with police officers, a department can increase transparency and demonstrate its commitment to accountability.

  2. Improved relationships with the community: Post-contact surveys can help identify areas where officers could improve their interactions with community members, which can help build stronger relationships between the police and the community.

  3. Enhanced trust: By collecting and responding to feedback from individuals who have had interactions with police officers, a department can demonstrate its commitment to building trust and confidence with the community.

  4. Improved officer training: By analyzing the results of post-contact surveys, a department can identify areas where officers may need additional training or guidance and implement changes to enhance their interactions with the community.

  5. Opportunities for improvement: By collecting and analyzing data from post-contact surveys, organizations can identify opportunities for improving the way they interact with the community and better serve their constituents.

What is a Policing heatmap?

A heatmap is a graphical representation of data that uses a system of color coding to represent different values. It is a powerful way to understand how your community interacts with your officers. Moreover, you can segment surveys based on various metrics and deep dive into areas that may need special attention.

Benefits Of heatmap

The primary benefit of using heatmaps is that they make data representation understandable. Many people understand heat maps intuitively, without even being told that those warmer colors indicate a denser focus of interactions (positive or negative). By making data science accessible in this way, more people from around the organization can understand how residents interact with your officers.

Here is how heatmaps within Officer Survey can help you

Interactive Survey Heatmap


Community Engagement

Connect and engage with community members in a more transparent manner by allowing them to provide feedback about their interaction with the responding officer(s). Building trust and nurturing legitimacy on both sides of the police/citizen divide is the foundational principle underlying the nature of relations between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

Early Intervention​

Early intervention is crucial to prevent problems before they escalate. Identifying issues early on and putting the right support in place can greatly improve outcomes. The early intervention tool represents a proactive approach to accountability: a systematic organizational effort to identify problems before they escalate into more serious issues. ​

Feedback Data Analytics

Receive in-depth feedback simultaneously after every dispatched call. Analyze the responses and deliver measurable results. Every survey response is linked to the responding officer for transparency and accountability.

Precision Policing

A systematic and proactive approach to identifying problematic areas based on citizens’ feedback. Quantify incoming data to reduce crime, hold officers accountable, and increase community trust. ​


Increase efficiency and automate the process so you can focus on what matters the most.

Share Files​

Easily export and share files with command staff and officers with just click of a button. ​

What Police Chiefs are Saying

We held events such as coffee with a cop, but typically see people who were more supportive to law enforcement making it difficult to understand the challenges we faced in other communities. There is a need to get feedback from those we directly interact with during our calls for service: this provides the best way to understand the public’s perception as to how they judged the legitimacy, competency and professionalism of our department.

Very easy to use and easy to set up

Gives us a good understanding of where we can improve, and provides us with a better understanding of how our residents and visitors view our levels of service.

So far, I believe we are on track to rebuilding our community’s trust and I believe adding Officer Survey to our toolbox has been a strong contributor toward accomplishing this goal.

Ease of use and ability to see the reviews as they come in. This is the only platform we looked at.

I would highly recommend other agencies use Officer Survey.

I liked is the ability to set “performance triggers” to help us identify potential struggles our officers may be going through. This aspect is huge in getting our officer’s help.

What Community Members are Saying

Officer Smith was great and provided a lot of help during the situation.

Very kind, caring, informative and professional.

Very professional and polite.

He was fantastic. No complaints.

Officer Mark is always caring and compassionate. He is a true professional.