De-escalation Tactics Survey Questions

De-escalation Tactics Survey Questions

1. Do you believe police officers in your community employ de-escalation techniques effectively?

2. Do officers attempt to calm situations through discussion before using physical force?

3. Should all officers receive more training in de-escalation approaches?

4. Do police try to understand and resolve issues non-violently when responding to calls?

5. Do officers avoid escalating encounters unnecessarily when interacting with community members?

6. Does the police department have clear policies requiring de-escalation efforts when possible?

7. Do police responses tend to make volatile situations better or worse?

8. Are officers skilled at defusing tensions and arguments through verbal communication?

9. Do police take time trying to reason with uncooperative individuals when feasible?

10. Does it seem like police prefer to quickly take control of situations physically rather than communicating?

11. Do officers make efforts to calm agitated or hostile community members before resorting to arrests or force?

12. Does the presence of police officers in confrontational situations help or hinder peacefully resolving conflicts?

13. Are police officers sufficiently trained to recognize when certain actions or language could provoke greater tensions?

14. Have you witnessed or heard of situations where officers used threats or aggression that made matters worse?

15. What steps could police take to improve de-escalation skills and prevent use of force incidents?

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