Crisis Intervention Training Survey Questions

Crisis Intervention Training Survey Questions

1. How familiar are you with crisis intervention training for police officers in your community?

2. Do you believe all officers should receive training on responding to mental health crises?

3. Do police in your community seem well-equipped to handle situations involving individuals experiencing mental illness or emotional distress?

4. Does the police department collaborate with mental health professionals to provide crisis intervention training?

5. Should crisis intervention training focus more on de-escalation and communication rather than use of force?

6. Do officers demonstrate patience, understanding, and care when engaging those in a mental health crisis?

7. Does specialized crisis intervention training reduce arrests of people with mental illness in your community?

8. Are crisis intervention teams dispatched alongside patrol officers when mental health may be a factor?

9. Should all officers be trained in basic crisis intervention skills?

10. Are officers screened for readiness to handle crisis situations before receiving this training?

11. Does the community have input into the crisis intervention curriculum and training methods?

12. Are crisis intervention training standards mandatory, recommended, or voluntary for officers?

13. Is ongoing or refresher crisis intervention training required to maintain skills?

14. Should more funding and resources be allocated to crisis intervention training?

15. In your opinion, what changes are needed to improve policing of mental health crises?

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