Alternatives to Policing Survey Questions

Alternatives to Policing Survey Questions

1. How familiar are you with efforts to have mental health professionals or social workers respond to certain calls instead of police officers?

2. Do you think having mental health professionals respond to calls involving individuals experiencing mental health crises would be effective?

3. Do you believe social workers should respond to certain non-violent calls rather than police officers?

4. What types of non-violent calls do you think social workers could be better equipped to handle than police officers?

5. Do you support diverting some funding from police departments to fund alternative response programs like mental health crisis teams?

6. Do you believe police officers receive adequate training to respond appropriately to calls involving individuals with mental illness?

7. Should substance abuse issues be handled as a health problem rather than a criminal justice issue?

8. What concerns do you have about replacing police officers with social workers or mental health professionals for certain calls?

9. Do you think alternative response programs could improve outcomes compared to traditional police responses?

10. Do you believe mental health professionals could help de-escalate situations without resorting to use of force?

11. Should social workers play a larger role in following up with community members after police interactions?

12. Do you think funding community services and resources could help reduce the need for police responses?

13. What types of non-violent calls would you feel comfortable having an alternative response team handle instead of police officers?

14. Overall, do you support increased use of alternative response models in your community?

15. What changes would you like to see in how your community responds to mental health, substance abuse, and other non-violent calls?

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