Officer Skills and Professional Development Survey Questions

  1. How satisfied are you with the current opportunities for professional development provided by the department?
  2. What additional skills or training do you believe would benefit you in your current role as a police officer?
  3. Have you received any training or development opportunities in the past year that you felt were particularly beneficial to your professional growth?
  4. How often do you receive feedback on your performance and areas for improvement from your supervisor?
  5. How confident are you in your ability to apply the skills and knowledge learned in training to real-life situations?
  6. Have you ever felt that the department’s training or development opportunities were outdated or irrelevant to your work?
  7. How important is ongoing professional development to your job satisfaction and career goals?
  8. How does the department’s budget for training and development compare to other departments or agencies?
  9. What resources or support would you like to see from the department to help you further your professional development?
  10. What suggestions, if any, do you have for improving the department’s training and professional development programs?

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