Demographic Representativeness Survey Questions

1. Do you feel the racial diversity of the police department reflects the community it serves?

2. Do you think the police department should strive to have more officers of color to match the demographics of the community?

3. Does the gender diversity of the police force adequately represent the population?

4. Should efforts be made to recruit and hire more female officers?

5. Do you believe minority groups are adequately represented in leadership/supervisory roles in the police department?

6. Do officers reflect the various ages and generations present in the community?

7. Does the police force have enough bilingual officers to serve non-English speakers in the community?

8. Should cultural awareness and implicit bias training be required for all officers?

9. Do police officers live in and come from the communities they serve?

10. Does the socioeconomic diversity of the police department match that of the community?

11. Do you think officers understand and empathize with all groups within the community equally?

12. Do you feel comfortable approaching an officer of a different race, ethnicity, gender, or background than yourself?

13. Do police hiring and promotion practices take diversity and inclusion factors sufficiently into account?

14. Does the presence of diverse officers in your community improve relations between police and residents?

15. What steps, if any, should the police department take to increase representation and understanding of different groups?

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