Community-Oriented Policing Questions

Community-Oriented Policing Questions

  1. How satisfied are you with the level of police presence in your community?
  2. How effective do you feel our police department is in responding to community concerns and issues?
  3. Have you had positive interactions with police officers in your community? If so, please describe your experience.
  4. How do you think our police department could better engage with the community and build trust?
  5. In your opinion, what are the most pressing safety concerns in our community?
  6. Have you witnessed any instances of police misconduct or abuse of power in our community? If so, please describe.
  7. How well do you feel our police department handles incidents of bias, discrimination, or hate crimes in the community?
  8. Do you feel that our police department effectively addresses the needs and concerns of marginalized or vulnerable communities in our area?
  9. How familiar are you with our department’s community policing initiatives and strategies?
  10. Are there any changes or improvements you would like to see in our police department’s approach to community-oriented policing?

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