Civic Engagement Survey Questions

1. How familiar are you with the community policing efforts in your neighborhood?

2. How often do you attend community meetings or events related to policing in your neighborhood?

3. How well do you feel local law enforcement understands the needs of your community?

4. How comfortable do you feel approaching a police officer to discuss issues affecting your neighborhood?

5. How much of a presence do you think police officers should have in your community?

6. How fair and equitable do you believe police officers are in dealing with people in your neighborhood?

7. In your opinion, what are the biggest public safety issues facing your community?

8. What could local law enforcement do to build more trust with your community?

9. How responsive is local law enforcement to the concerns and needs of your community?

10. Overall, how would you rate community-police relations in your neighborhood?

11. In the past year, have you reported any non-emergency issues to the police?

12. If yes, how satisfied were you with how the police handled your report?

13. What recommendations do you have for improving relations between law enforcement and your community?

14. How likely are you to participate in or support community policing efforts?

15. What could motivate you to become more engaged with community policing initiatives?

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