Rookie Officer Experience Survey Questions

1. How well did the academy training prepare you for the realities of the job?

2. How satisfied are you with the field training you received when starting on the job?

3. How supported did you feel by your field training officer(s)?

4. How comfortable did you feel seeking advice or assistance from more experienced officers?

5. How well did you understand department policies and procedures at the end of your probation?

6. How confident were you in handling calls on your own by the end of your probation?

7. What areas of training do you feel were inadequate or need improvement?

8. What additional training would have better prepared you as a new officer?

9. How satisfied are you with the feedback and mentoring you received during your probation?

10. How welcomed and included did you feel by other officers on the force?

11. How manageable was the workload and expectations placed on you as a probationary officer?

12. What could the department do to better support officers just starting out on the job?

13. What was most challenging for you transitioning from academy training to field work?

14. What advice would you give new recruits preparing for their probationary period?

15. What could the department do to improve the probationary period for rookie officers?

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