Onboarding Survey Questions for newly hired Police Officers

  1. Did the onboarding process provide you with a clear understanding of the expectations and responsibilities of your role as a police officer?
  2. Was the training provided during the onboarding process relevant and helpful in preparing you for your duties as a police officer?
  3. Were you provided with adequate information about the department’s policies and procedures during the onboarding process?
  4. How satisfied are you with the support and guidance provided by your training officer during your onboarding period?
  5. Were there any areas of training or information that you feel were missing during your onboarding process?
  6. How well do you feel the onboarding process prepared you for the unique challenges of policing in this community?
  7. Were there any issues or concerns that you encountered during the onboarding process that you feel were not adequately addressed?
  8. How would you rate the quality of communication and feedback provided during the onboarding process?
  9. Are there any suggestions or improvements you would recommend to enhance the onboarding process for future police officers?
  10. Do you feel welcomed and valued as a member of the department after completing the onboarding process?

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