Officer Home Life Survey Questions

Officer Home Life Survey Questions

1. How often does your job keep you from spending time with family or friends outside of work hours?

2. How much do the demands of your job affect your personal relationships with spouse/partner or other family members?

3. How often does your job make you too tired to engage in family activities or responsibilities?

4. How satisfied are you with the amount of time available for your personal life outside of work?

5. How difficult is it for you to disconnect from work when you are at home?

6. How much stress from your job affects your personal life?

7. How often do you have to miss important family events due to your work schedule?

8. How much do childcare responsibilities interfere with your job duties?

9. How satisfied are you with resources available through your department to help manage work-life balance?

10. What additional services or policies could your department implement to help improve your work-life balance?

11. How helpful would counseling services be in managing stress from your job?

12. Would a more flexible work schedule help you better manage work and family responsibilities?

13. How much interest would you have in support groups with other officers facing work-life balance challenges?

14. What changes in department policies or culture could improve officers’ work-life balance?

15. What else could the department do to help officers manage the impact of their job on home and family life?

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