Keep officers engaged, motivated, and productive survey questions

  1. How satisfied are you with the training and development opportunities provided by the department?
  2. Have you received recognition or rewards for good performance in the past year?
  3. How would you rate the overall work environment within the department?
  4. Do you feel comfortable sharing your concerns and opinions with your colleagues and superiors?
  5. Do you have access to the proper equipment and resources necessary to perform your job effectively?
  6. How satisfied are you with the support services offered by the department, such as the chaplain program?
  7. How frequently do you take time off to prioritize your physical and mental health?
  8. How satisfied are you with your current work schedule and flexibility?
  9. How effective is the communication between you and your colleagues or supervisors?
  10. Would you recommend the department as a good place to work to someone looking for a career in law enforcement?

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