In-Service Training Survey Questions and Answers

In-Service Training Survey Questions and Answers

1. How useful was the in-service training in providing updates on laws, policies, and procedures?

a) Extremely useful
b) Very useful
c) Moderately useful
d) Slightly useful
e) Not at all useful

2. Did the training adequately cover emerging issues and trends in policing?

a) Yes, absolutely
b) Yes, for the most part
c) Somewhat
d) No, not really
e) No, it did not at all

3. How well did the training align with your ongoing professional development needs?

a) Extremely well
b) Very well
c) Moderately well
d) Slightly well
e) Not well at all

4. What is your top priority for topics to cover in future in-service training sessions?

a) Mental health crisis response
b) De-escalation refreshers
c) Procedural justice
d) Stress management
e) Other (please specify)

5. How can we improve in-service training for veteran officers moving forward?

a) More scenario-based exercises
b) Focus on emerging field issues
c) More engagement with current officers
d) Better integration of new policies
e) Other (please specify)

6. Were the in-service instructors effective in engaging experienced officers?

a) Yes, very effective
b) Somewhat effective
c) Neutral
d) Not very effective
e) No, ineffective

7. What format(s) of in-service training do you prefer?

a) Lecture-based
b) Interactive workshops
c) Scenario role playing
d) Hands-on exercises
e) Field visits

8. How frequently should in-service training be required?

a) Annually
b) Every 6 months
c) Quarterly
d) Monthly
e) Other (please specify)

9. What impact has in-service training had on your professional development?

a) Significant positive impact
b) Moderate positive impact
c) Little to no impact
d) Negative impact

10. Overall, how would you rate the in-service training you received?

a) Excellent
b) Very good
c) Good
d) Fair
e) Poor

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