Gun Violence Reduction Survey Questions

1. How would you rate the efforts by police to reduce gun violence in your community?

2. Does the police department engage in community outreach to raise awareness about gun violence?

3. Do police work cooperatively with community groups and leaders to reduce shootings?

4. Does the police department use focused deterrence strategies targeting individuals most at risk of violence?

5. Do officers make efforts to get illegal guns off the streets proactively?

6. Does the police department host or participate in gun buyback events?

7. Do police collaborate well with schools and youth programs to reduce gun violence?

8. Does law enforcement share data and intelligence with community partners to develop solutions?

9. Do officers receive training in conflict mediation and de-escalation related to gun violence?

10. Are there clear consequences and follow up for gun-related crimes by police and prosecutors?

11. Does enforcement seem targeted at suppliers rather than just low-level firearm possession?

12. Do police work to identify sources of illegal guns and disrupt trafficking patterns?

13. In your view, what policing strategies would be most effective at reducing shootings?

14. Should reducing community gun ownership be a goal, or just reducing misuse?

15. What partnerships or resources are needed to support the police role in reducing gun violence?

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