Citizen Police Academy Survey Questions

Citizen Police Academy Survey Questions

  • How satisfied were you with the curriculum covered in the Citizen Police Academy?
  • Did the Citizen Police Academy meet your expectations in terms of providing a better understanding of law enforcement practices and procedures?
  • Did you find the instructors knowledgeable and approachable?
  • Was the classroom environment conducive to learning and discussion?
  • Did the practical exercises, such as ride-alongs or simulations, provide a valuable experience for you?
  • Did you find the training on use of force and de-escalation techniques informative and helpful?
  • Did you gain a better understanding of the challenges that police officers face on a daily basis?
  • Did the Citizen Police Academy change your perception of law enforcement or the criminal justice system in any way?
  • Would you recommend the Citizen Police Academy to others in your community?
  • Do you feel that the Citizen Police Academy has improved the relationship between the police department and the community it serves?

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