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6 Easy ways for setting officer performance goals

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1. Pay Attention to Both Tactical and Adaptive Performance.

Determine if a learning outcome is tactical or responsive in character first.

2. Determine the Appropriate Measuring Gauge.

Second, conduct a thorough analysis of the metric that will be used to assess success. Success can be judged in terms of specified capabilities, previous reviews, peer-to-peer feedback, or past performance.

3. Recognize and Manage Biases.

Individuals are generally skeptical of biases, which leads to distrust because there is a great deal of subjectivity in what defines excellent performance.

4. Use Multi-Rater Feedback to Determine Whether or Not Performance Is Improving.

Setting and attaining objectives is dependent on your capacity to assess whether or not progress has been made. Using employee feedback tools like Officer Survey can help you track officer’s performance over time.

5. Know the Context.

When setting strategic goals, understand the context for what you’re attempting to accomplish. Every leader owes it to their staff to assist them to discover a mission, a path, and a place. The goal of purpose is to assist officers in achieving success, seeing their effect, and finding meaning in their efforts. The path is all about creating a common vision for how a person may grow and progress inside the business. It is about establishing a sense of belonging, caring, connection, and community in one’s environment.

6. Be Aware, Take Action, and Be Accountable.

Simple terms like “knowledge, action, and responsibility” encompass much of what we’re attempting to achieve with performance objectives. Goals can be established to assist employees in learning (awareness), doing things (activity), and returning and reporting (accountability).

In Conclusion

Performance is the meeting point between people and outcomes. Agencies succeed when employees do great work and feel accomplished and valued. As a leader, it is hard to find out where officers may be struggling. One of the best and easy things you can do as a leader is to conduct employee pulse surveys, a built-in feature in Officer Survey. Asking them where they need help will eliminate guesswork and reduce training costs. 

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