5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Survey Engagement

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Poor Survey Engagement? Here are the Effective Ways to Get Better Results

Surveys play a crucial role in the improvement of any services provided. But this can only be true if you can truly engage people to provide quality insights by completing your survey. For this reason, you have to make sure that your means of assessment can highly entice participation – most especially if you want to maximize the volume of feedback you can get.

If your surveys are not performing very well, maybe it’s about time to take smarter steps in order to get better results. Here we share with you the effective ways of how we are able to help service providers get better survey engagements.

5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Survey Engagement

  1. Adjust the tone of your survey.

Have you tried to check the tone of your survey? If read through a responder’s point of view, does it sound conversational or intimidating? While the tone of the survey would highly depend on how you are trying to make your services appeal, it is highly recommended to make it appealing by making it easier to go through – like a conversation instead of a complicated data gathering process.

Keep the tone of your survey in a friendly manner and make questions easier to understand. This way, your respondents are more likely to share what’s on their minds rather than end up not completing the survey.

2. Make your surveys more personalized.

By making your surveys more personalized, respondents can feel that they are truly valued and that their pieces of opinion really matter. Therefore, you have to seal your survey with the personalized look and feel of your brand and services.    

One way to do this is by including the respondent’s first name in your email survey invitation or by adding images or videos that would make them feel engaged. You may also add logos or emphasize themes to ensure the legitimacy of the survey that they are taking.

3. Start it right.

It goes without saying, first impressions last. Same goes with your survey: you have to make sure that your first question would highly interest your respondents. If you can’t engage them on the first question, most likely, they won’t be able to provide quality insights – or worse, won’t finish your survey. 

Starting with the right question will help build rapport with your responders. This will encourage them to keep going and finish the survey.

Now, you might be asking: how to make the first question? Well, to make a lasting impact on your first question, you have to make sure that won’t need a lot of mental energy. Make it easy and relatable. Unpack your questions by starting out with a general question before you go into details. This way, you also help your responders itemize what they know and what they feel towards the services you provided.

4. Make the purpose of the survey known to the responders.

When you know your “why”, it’s easier to identify the “how”. Whether you are implementing your survey among your employees or customers, you have to let them know your intentions of why you are asking them these questions. This will guide them on how to answer your survey – and why they should answer it.

It would also be great if you can find time to thank them for their time and provide them as well with the results of the survey.

5. Use easy-to-use survey platforms/applications. 

The less hassle you provide, the more likely your responders will finish answering your survey. Therefore, it is best to make use of applications or platforms that are easy to navigate and convenient to be of use for your responders, like the Officer Survey. Most importantly, it is easier to track responses and analyze feedback through applications like this compare to traditional means of doing a survey. This means: it is data-driven and you can easily provide legitimate results to your responders.

How to Boost Survey Engagement: Final Thoughts

After considering all these ways of improving your survey engagement, the one last thing that you have to do before implementing your survey is to go over once again these tips to make sure that you didn’t skip any. After that, tweak your survey a little to adapt to the changes you deem necessary.

Making your survey more engaging to your respondents does not only help you gain insights into what they feel about the services you provide, but it also provides you with possible solutions to make better your services.

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