Leadership’s Role in Community Engagement

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They say, to become an effective leader, you must first know how to follow. Indeed, the first step in leading a community is to have a deeper understanding of what it needs, its goals, and its aspirations. You don’t just become a leader to lead, but you must be its steward and a manager who will guide its team.

A leader also takes on roles while engaging with community members. Take note that a community is a collection of different people, but they all live in a specific location. Therefore, a leader has to be versatile and patient with his subordinates. He must also consider the following roles. 

A Leader Is a Listener

For a leader to fully understand their subordinates’ needs, they must know how to practice deep listening. They must know when and how to listen and at the same time concentrate on important information gathered. They must know how to separate facts from fiction or to distinguish the truth from lies. And a good leader actively listens.

A Leader Is a Close Friend

Another leadership role is being a close friend, a trusted companion. Leaders who can relate to their subordinates in a friendly manner will get better results than those who treat people otherwise. No wonder successful leaders are friendly, patient, with a good sense of humor. 

A Leader Is a Developer

A leader can see through their subordinates and considers their strengths apart from their weaknesses. They develop people, make them the best that they can be to help the community flourish. A good leader is also relentless in developing their surroundings. They also try their best to create practical solutions to community issues and problems.

A Leader Is a Coordinator

A leader does not divide the community, but they do their best to unite it. They are coordinators that ensure everyone, even those who do not see their potential eye to eye, are heard and given a chance to shine. 

A Leader Is a Mentor

A leader is a parent, a mentor. They care for their subordinates like they do with their children and mentor them towards a greater goal. Successful community leaders speak firmly and truthfully, which instills trust from their followers.

A community leader is not a problem solver and fixer but instead inspires the community to move and reach a common goal. Everyone must work together to come up with practical solutions for the good of all.

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